Using AI in design

When and how to integrate AI into design projects

AI has ushered in a transformative era for design. This technological leap offers the creative industry a powerful tool to enhance the design process, opening up a world of possibilities that marry the speed of AI with the irreplaceable depth of human creativity.

It also begs a critical discussion about intentionality in design. The quest for innovation should not lead us to use AI merely because it's en vogue. We've all witnessed the pitfalls of using AI without discernment—oddly proportioned figures and surreal landscapes that miss the mark. The essence of using AI effectively lies in recognising it as a means to an end, not the end itself.

As designers and creators navigate this new landscape, the challenge lies in using AI not as a crutch but as a complement to our ingenuity, ensuring that nuance and craftsmanship continues to be the cornerstone of our practice.

Upholding Craftsmanship

AI's appeal lies in its ability to automate time-consuming tasks, allowing us to devote more attention to conceptual development and the creative execution that defines our work. Our commitment to craftsmanship guides the integration of AI into our workflow, ensuring that every project remains true to our standards of quality and authenticity.

A Practical Approach to AI Integration:

Our approach to incorporating AI into the design process is a pragmatic one, centred around clear objectives and creative boundaries. This ensures that AI serves our vision without becoming a source of distraction or dilution. 

Case Study: Amra's Visual Identity:

Our work with Amra showcases the balanced application of AI. Faced with logistical challenges, we utilised AI to generate imagery that captured the brand's essence,

Amra’s mission is to ensure songwriters and publishers maximise their earnings in an ever changing royalty landscape. At the heart of their brand is the beacon, a shining light that guides rights owners towards their rightful earnings. We wanted to capture this moment, emerging from shadows and onto the right path.

Our journey began with Krea, where we trained a model using a blend of original photography and digital creations crafted in Adobe Photoshop. This model became the foundation for generating images that resonated with the tone and spirit of amra's brand. Through meticulous prompt refinement, we achieved a consistency that served as the baseline for further exploration.

Midjourney, renowned for its ability to produce visually arresting images with a distinct artistic touch, was our next destination. Here, we generated variations that captured the nuanced essence we sought, each iteration bringing us closer to our vision.

Yet, the process didn't end with AI-generated imagery. To ensure these visuals seamlessly integrated with amra's brand aesthetic, we used Gigapixel AI for upscaling, followed by manual retouching in Photoshop. This meticulous blend of AI and human touch culminated in a series of bespoke images that lie at the heart of amra's brand identity.

amraSee what technology can do for music

AI as a Collaborative Partner

This project underlined AI's value as a creative ally, enabling us to explore new creative dimensions within practical constraints. It's a testament to the synergy between AI's capabilities and our creative aspirations, facilitated by patience and a willingness to adapt.

Taming its wild tendencies

Our time spent on this case study reaffirms Anna Ridler’s wonderful gardening metaphor from Runway's Creative Dialogue series. Working with AI is akin to taming a garden: it requires setting clear intentions (initial AI configurations), guiding its growth through constant care (iterative refinement of AI prompts and results), and appreciating the unexpected outcomes that emerge, framed by the creative guardrails we establish to ensure alignment with our design principles.

Looking Ahead

As we move deeper into the AI era, the key to success lies in balancing  embracing new technologies with enduring human and design principles. AI offers amazing opportunities to expand our creative horizons, but it's the human touch—our intuition, emotion, and creativity—that remains indispensable. In this fusion of technology and tradition, we find our path forward, continually pushing the boundaries of what's possible in design while staying grounded in the principles that define our practice.



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